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The Idea of the Internet Homogenizing Culture


The difficulty in whether the Web plays a pivotal part in globalization can be a highly contentious and debatable topic. Globalization, frequently thought as”the integration of economic capital markets and civilization during the world” is seen as a theory that’s both negative in addition to favorable benefits. The amount of increase in the globalization of nations and geographic regions is regarded as greatly aided by the speed of information knowledge which the Internet provides.

This argument can be plainly seen if studies of Asian states, especially in Thailand. Thus, the usage of Web and also the rise of companies online have increased, the matter raised is that even technology has advanced knowledge and communication, has this benefit affected people living in developing countries, or gets the difference between the wealthy and the poor enlarged?

The web is a special type of press. It’s got the capability to attain มรภ.สวนสุนันทา but that really is affected by factors such as financial status, technological skill, knowledge, and also the desire for the moderate. The web isn’t necessarily appropriate or possible for everyone to get, and also in a country like Thailand, it can be clearly found the less fortunate are marginalized, notably the uneducated and those from rural areas. By way of instance, seventy per cent of Thailand’s Internet users are concentrated at The Bangkok Metropolitan Area (Hongladaron, 2003) and only four to five percent of Rural Thailand has use of the Internet.

At a few of his articles the scholar Hongladaron has additionally discussed the marginalization of rural Thai citizens. Hongladaron says the benefits of the Internet, but then confirms from his research that because those benefits are only reachable by the wealthy, hence, as a result of poor being marginalized, the Web can be considered to be a discriminatory type of moderate. But, Hongladaron additionally asserts that the Net doesn’t homogenize cultures. (Hongladaron, 1998).

Hongladaron came to a conclusion about the Web homogenizing civilization, however, just to a minimal extent. With limited information being available on the ways that Thai people interact online, or view the Internet as a moderate, it’s hard to resolve whether the overall effect of this Internet is homogenizing. Howeverit might be definitely stated that the Net does marginalize people who are unable to make use of this moderate.

As usage of the net becomes more popular, the debate of homogenizing civilization is fiercely debated. Some academics argue that since the Internet benefits the rich and most educated, people that have the ability to utilize the web often have an even of emotional capability, thus, the homogenizing of civilization is only applicable to a small extent. By way of instance, the Bengali tribes at Bangladesh practice sustainable living and do not appreciate the data that is presented online. They view the Internet as a very negative form of communicating, as personal contact isn’t made.

Thus, the tribe as a whole is self-sufficient and members do not feel the need to adopt the values and the’teachings’ of the world wide web. Furthermore, native Tibetans are just another case where the knowledge of the Internet doesn’t reach the public. Due to their belief of their Buddhist teaching of the Livelihoodthey have confidence in living in harmony with their surrounding land. Members of those native communities do not believe in the Internet as they’d assert that the computer is a desire and not a need. Thus, in considering the issue of if the world wide web is really a tool for its homogenization of civilization, although some would say’yes’ due to developing Asian countries becoming habituated due to propaganda on the world wide web, the others would assert that Asian communities that have been already westernized use the Internet. These professors could argue some Asian communities, especially those in native tribal communities, would not use the Net because of their cultural paradigm, so hence the online community is already focused on just 1 group of culture with one group of individuals sharing a frequent notion:’that the Internet is a helpful tool’.