DO’s and DON’Ts When Educating Driving Courses into Your Teen


Having difficulty giving your adolescent kids their initial driving course? Below are a few things to do, and also what things to avoid doing, to assist your child successfully pass this significant ‘rite of passage’.


— Get professional and competent driving lessons from a licensed driving school. This won’t only generally get you a reduction for insurance premiums; additionally, this is a wise way to preserve your sanity! When instruction, drilling, teaching isn’t your parenting cup of java, then forcing lessons from professional teachers are out your way.

— If your child takes the driving evaluation, need them to log in 10 hours of practice driving, even longer hours than the minimal requirement. This may remove any false sense of safety and overconfidence, they might feel when they were only given minimum driving lessons.

— Inform your kid via Spiderman: with driving comes great responsibility driving lessons cape town. With this new privilege, need your child to undertake more duties. This could consist of cleaning the vehicle, taking them into the vehicle wash, forcing to the mechanic to get check-ups, and similar duties.

— Bring a contract with your child; place limitations. These include not letting night driving, zero sleep-overs if they’re driving the vehicle, etc.. Take note this might be the ideal time to put new rules and hands over higher responsibilities to your adolescent — they’ll take all, so long as the novelty of this driving experience continues!


— Scare your children! Photographs of grisly road accidents might have been employed throughout your driving course, but now’s strategy is significantly different and more logical than instruction and lessons methods from the 70s. The important thing here is positive reinforcement.

— Let them get their driving classes from a buddy! This might be great when comparing notes and buying expertise, but that is not suggested to educate objectivity, responsibility, and security on street driving. Kids being kids, teenagers are likely to perform stunts and these daredevil attitudes while driving their pals. The outcome is that more accidents happen when teenagers drive with teenagers.

— Be a terrible teacher! Always set a fantastic example. When driving with your teen, the ideal driving lessons are those that they really observe you performing. Take additional care to follow all traffic rules, so not skirt some legislation, buckle up, obey speed limits, never drink-drive ( a glass of wine qualifies below this, for now) and always be a superb individual driver.