German Bingo Cards

While the game of bingo is, for most people, a leisure activity, it is true that the game can serve a serious purpose. Many teachers have found that bingo is well-suited to be adapted as a teaching tool, and has applied variants of the game to teach many different subjects including math, English and foreign languages.
In the case of foreign languages, bingo is mainly used as part of vocabulary practice. For example, in German language classes, it can be used as a method to encourage students to learn the translations of English words to German, and German to English แทงบอลออนไลน์.
Before class, the teacher prepares a set of bingo cards, one per student, containing the words that the teacher wishes to practice during that lesson. The words on the cards can be in English or in German, but when the game is played, the teacher makes the bingo calls in the other language – if the cards are printed in German, for example, the teacher makes the bingo calls in English. The students’ is to try to find the translations of the teacher’s bingo calls on their bingo cards.
The key requirement is of course a set of bingo cards containing the teacher’s chosen words for the lesson. Obviously this could be quite a few cards, and also every student needs their own unique card. Preparing this by hand would be a big job, and would not be a good use of the teacher’s time – however there is an easy answer. By using a PC and some bingo card creator software, the teacher only needs to enter a list of words, and the software can print the cards automatically.

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